Beautiful Disguise EP

Jul 16, 2008 at 4:00 am

As I was leaving a concert a few weeks ago, a member of Logos handed me a CD-R with a few songs from this EP. Noticing that the band's CD release show was sponsored by local classic-rock station KSHE (94.7 FM), I jokingly asked if the band sounded more like Pink Floyd or Ozzy Osbourne. Unblinking, the band member said that Logos was more like Pink Floyd: a little psychedelic and a little progressive, but with plenty of big-time guitar licks. My comment was more a gentle dig at KSHE – serious props to the station for supporting a local band and not just hyping, say, another Rush show at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, but of course Logos would have to sound like a heavy-rock heavyweight to receive the station's imprimatur. And Logos does fit that role of a hard-rock band, but with a few tweaks to keep things current.

At first blush, all the classic-rock set pieces are in place on this five-song EP: the trio uses double-neck guitar, tricky tempo changes, and even pulls out a Frampton-esque talk-box solo on "Mystic Haze," a song that resolves after a few minutes of serious high-necked riffage. Singer and guitarist Cullen O'Donnell and bassist Zach Czajkowski are only eighteen, but have already digested a lifetime's worth of riffs and poses. O'Donnell's vocals are strong and confident, veering a bit more toward modern rock's Vedder-fied modulations than Robert Plant's wails and screeches. Jeff Hall, late of the sadly defunct Red Water Revival, keeps the beat with authority and enough inventiveness to keep these songs from being solely retreads. "Dare to Be Daring" sounds like the band's mission statement, a song about staying true to yourself and avoiding being squeezed "into a mold." It's a nice call to arms and thin line to walk for a band that clearly believes in these time-tested aesthetics but wants to avoid being pigeonholed as a tribute act. Luckily, there is enough of the familiar and the modern to let Logos straddle the past and the present.

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