Lost in the Supermarket: Chris Walla, "Our Plans, Collapsing"

(Welcome to Lost in the Supermarket, an occasional blog recurring feature in which we discuss unexpected songs we've heard in unexpected places. This doesn't just have to be your local Schucks or Dierbergs, either; any weird pairing you've heard is fair game for the feature. Email the scenario to me, with the phrase Lost in the Supermarket in the subject heading, and you just might see it here.)

Where: Schnucks, Clayton Avenue, Brentwood

8 p.m. Sunday, February 1

Chris Walla, "Our Plans, Collapsing"

Why is this weird?
Considering it was Super Bowl Sunday -- the store was empty, but I really was craving veggies and hard-boiled eggs; the wine just fell into my cart, I swear -- this song was entirely appropriate. At least if you're a Phoenix Cardinals fan. Sorry, Kurt Warner, but this solo song from Death Cab for Cutie's guitarist fits your team's bill today.
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