Lost in the Supermarket: Jimmy Eat World, Lindsay Lohan, Enrique Iglesias

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(Welcome to Lost in the Supermarket, an occasional blog recurring feature in which we discuss unexpected songs we've heard in unexpected places. This doesn't just have to be your local Schucks or Dierbergs, either; any weird pairing you've heard is fair game for the feature. Email the scenario to me, with the phrase Lost in the Supermarket in the subject heading, and you just might see it here.)

Where: Sports Authority, Brentwood

: 4:30 p.m. Monday, February 23

What: Jimmy Eat World,'s "Always Be," followed by a boy-band tune I didn't know and then the one-two punch of Lindsay Lohan's "Over" and "Bailamos" by Enrique Iglesias

Why Is This Weird?
One of my new year's resolutions is to start working out -- i.e., swimming -- again. Back in the day, I was in fantastic shape, because I swam three or four time a week without fail. Now, well, though the cushion in my tush kept me warm this winter, I miss my muscles. So! Off to Sports Authority to buy a bathing suit. Hearing Jimmy Eat World's sweet pop put a spring in my step as I pushed past racks and racks of running clothes toward the back. The song after "Always Be" was some random boy-band tune, which I thought was an odd segue, but whatever.

And then Lindsay Lohan's over-the-top tune "Over" came on. Now, despite Lohan's star power, the album this came from (Speak) didn't exactly set the world ablaze. So hearing it all casual-like among rows and rows of spandex and sports bras was a bit surreal. And then the sweet, sweet dulcet Spanish techno of "Bailamos" began, and suddenly I flashed back nearly a decade to the shitty college-dorm-room parties I attended. I don't think I've heard this song since then, when this song, the Backstreet Boys and a bunch of cheesy Europop and '90s hip-hop were the soundtrack to every cheap-vodka screwdriver I consumed, like a good little underage drinker. (Hi, mom and dad!) Reality sunk in, however, as I realized that both swimsuits I tried on didn't exactly fit. Time to reacquaint myself with salad. "Bailamos" video after the jump.

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