Feral Hymns (Dischord)

Jul 13, 2005 at 4:00 am
For most folks, Lungfish is not an easy listen. Unless you are a card-carrying Cult of the Lungfish member, the group's monotonous and monolithic sound can be downright grating. Instead of uptempo tales of debauchery or heartbreak, you get slow and meditative numbers full of cryptic mantras, theories about language and some sort of primal, prehistoric spiritualism. With that in mind, even the initiated have to chuckle a little when Dischord Records claims that Lungfish's newest album, Feral Hymns, is "very much a return to the wild, untethered sound of historic Lungfish." C'mon, many people have condemned the band for putting out the same record for the past seventeen years! But you know that's all nonsense because you are a card-carrying member of the cult. Even after eleven albums you're still obsessed with Dan Higgs's musings on time, space, language and bodily functions. You trip out that you'll probably never be able to get your head around songs like "Time Is a Weapon of Time," and you absolutely need that meditative state that Lungfish's weighty and repetitive songs achieve. You've even taken to wearing two pairs of pants at the same time, just like Higgs. You're well aware that Lungfish is not for everyone, but you're so damn glad that it's just right for you.