M83 at The Pageant, 5/2/2012: Review, Photos and Setlist

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M83 at The Pageant, 5/2/2012: Review, Photos and Setlist
Todd Owyoung

M83 | I Break Horses The Pageant May 2, 2012

The crowd at the M83 show last night was ecclectic. Girls wearing their best Forever 21 skirts, middle aged men and women sprinkled in the balcony and a parade of bros, hipsters and people looking generally out of place. That's what happens when there is a breaking band on the stage. M83 is on the cusp of mainstream success. With a gutsy, critically acclaimed double album, 2011's Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, a song featured in a Victoria's Secret commercial and a string of high-profile festival gigs, the band is only getting bigger.

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Not that it's small now. The sold-out crowd looked oddly sparse until the band snuck on stage to play its first song, "Intro" off Hurry Up. Even without the extraterrestial vocals of Zola Jesus's Nika Danilova, the track delivered goose-bumps like a winter morning. The crowd responded by cramming tight to the stage. The woman in front of me was so close that I had to keep brushing her well-conditioned locks off my notebook.

As with many shows featuring a band with such a rapidly expanding fan base, the crowd was tepid, only really roaring and dancing along to "Midnight City" and "Couleurs" off Saturdays = Youth -- the second track of the two-song encore. When the band played a song like "Steve McQueen" the crowd seemed lost.

The band, too, was somewhat hit and miss. The biggest hit was multi-intrumentalist Jordan Lawlor. He is an absolute joy to watch and a rare presence on stage. When he stood on the bass drum during "Couleurs" and began asking everyone to clap, it became clear that he was more capable of leading a band himself. When lead singer/guitarist Anthony Gonzalez turned towards him, with a nonplussed look on his face, the blond Lawlor replied by stretching his arms out, giving a shug, and mouthing "Why not?" before commanding the crowd to clap in unison. And when he freed himself from his bass duties to play next to vocalist/keyboardist Morgan Kibby during "Sitting", the night's most rave frindly song, I couldn't take my eyes off him. For someone who intones with a shrug, Lawlor was in charge whenever he made his presence known. Unlike Gonzalez, who is the mastermind of M83, Lawlor took full advantage of the vast Pageant stage and stalked the room during "Sitting" and "Fall" -- a Daft Punk cover.

M83 at The Pageant, 5/2/2012: Review, Photos and Setlist
Todd Owyoung

Meanwhile, Anthony's rhythmless gyrations did not escape his synth, or Kibby later on in the night. He possesses none of Lawlor's hypnotizing nonchalance. This is the rare ensemble where other members of the band generate a bigger response than the frontman. The prize for the largest applause goes to the band's sax player. He came out on the stage, during "Midnight City" and "Couleurs" to evoke a vision of The Lost Boys boardwalk concert, and leave so suddenly that his presence felt like a mirage.

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