Male Bonding Apparently Kicked Out After Its St. Louis Gargoyle Show -- For Drinking

On Tuesday, noisy U.K. trio Male Bonding opened for Best Coast at the Gargoyle. During its set, Male Bonding made note of the show being dry -- e.g., sans alcohol, since the Gargoyle doesn't serve booze -- and quipped that it might have been its first sober show ever. This morning, Pitchfork published an interview with the band's John Arthur Webb, in which he revealed that attempting to flaunt the ban had negative consequences:

Pitchfork: How's the tour with Best Coast going so far?
JAW: It's good. We just played a show last night and got kicked out for smuggling alcohol in. It's a dry campus, Washington University in St. Louis, and they really took a disliking to us when they found out we were English. They were all acting towards us like we were the Sex Pistols or something. It was kind of funny. I think they could probably relax a bit with the rules and regulations. I felt a bit embarrassed with the way they were overreacting. I heard the main guy in charge say to the girl who booked us, "If I had known that you had booked a English punk-metal band, then we would have insisted on you having more security." Do people actually think that about us? It's quite strange.

Pitchfork: How did you get caught with the alcohol?
JAW: It was like two bottles of whiskey and some beer. It was ours and Best Coast's. They did a sweep. Some security guys went through the backstage area and had a look, rummaged through everything, and then we thought that was that. But we kept it all hidden. We were drinking out of a big box, which I'd used to FedEx my guitar in, and we were literally getting into this box and pouring drinks into cups and drinking out of that. Then they did another search later on. I went backstage, and they were holding this box up as if it was a UFO, shining a torch towards it. They got super pissed off at us.

Now, Webb isn't exactly right about Wash U being a dry campus; according to its Alcohol Policy for Undergraduate Student Events, alcohol is permitted as long as student groups follow a bunch of rules and regulations. However, the policy does say: "Events open to the general public and advertised off campus are not permitted to include alcohol as part of their event." That description certainly fits shows at the Gargoyle.

Incidentally, Male Bonding had a note at its merch table that said something along the lines of, "a good campus is a wet campus." Guess we know why now. A to Z reached out to the Gargoyle for comment; we'll update with any response.

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