Tuesday, February 17; Creepy Crawl

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For millions of years, the American mastodon (scientific name Mammut americanum) roamed the plains. These giants stood eight to ten feet high and weighed between four and six tons; the thunder followed wherever these behemoths did stride. Then, for reasons mysterious still to this day, they disappeared, leaving nothing but corpses and blood-stained memories painted on cave walls.

In our modern age, a different kind of Mastodon (scientific name Megametallic americanum) roams North America and the rest of the world. Consisting of former members of legendary bands such as Today Is the Day and Lethargy, along with a few newer faces, Mastodon brings the thunder on songs such as "Where Strides the Behemoth." Rhythmically dense and terrifyingly intense, these new kings of metal began cutting their swath of destruction in 2000. In a short time, Mastodon has burned an indelible mark into the minds of even the most jaded fans with its brutal records and shows. What sets the men of Mastodon apart from other blast-beat technicians is the melodic structure they apply to their skull-crushing polyrhythms, giving the group a grace that's more accessible (relatively speaking; this band will still make Grandma mess her Depends) than most of the genre.

Mastodon is playing for one night only at the Creepy Crawl. Catch the band while you can, as it tears through its set and into history. Then Mastodon will disappear, leaving nothing but corpses and blood-stained memories.

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