Meg Lee Chin with Chris Connelly

Monday, September 16; Galaxy

Sep 11, 2002 at 4:00 am
The last time Pigface hit town, the band members found themselves in a far-from-packed Pageant, playing for an audience that was, for the most part, just waiting for headliner Gravity Kills. The veteran, ever-changing group couldn't have been accused of going through the motions that evening, however -- especialy not when diminutive powerhouse Meg Lee Chin was in the spotlight. Dressed like a surrealist cheerleader, Chin bounded across the stage, simply blasting through her vocal contributions. Though she only performed a couple of songs, Chin made those moments memorable.

On her 1999 debut, Piece and Love (Invisible), Chin proved herself more than an energetic shouter, playing most of the instruments herself. With the help of producer Martin Atkins, she blended disparate elements of electronic-based music, creating sounds that were aggressive one minute, seductive the next. It'll be interesting to see how she translates some of this material live.

Equally intriguing is the appearance of headliner Chris Connelly. Also a vocalist with Pigface, Connelly's recent release Private Education (Invisible) is a quiet acoustic effort. In the past, Connelly's work has been both bracing and tender, depending on his lineup of the moment. With Chin along for the ride, the night could go any number of directions. And with this concert falling on the Galaxy's Fetish Night, unpredictability is only fitting.