Mike Watt and the Tom and Jerry Show with Cobra Verde and Sound of Urchin.

Wednesday, Sept. 26; Blueberry Hill's Duck Room

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Mike Watt here. Where? Incommunicado. Yeah, not on the radio. Lifetime in the van, lifetime on the lam, lifeline runs through too many folks not in on the jokes. Make the call, wait for the call, jump through the hoops and still shortfall. Some men are accountants, some mechanics. Trust the man who works with his hands. A man who barks his knuckles for his dollar throws down harder when it's time to holler. Rhetoric? Pome? Naw, that's spiel. Weigh anchor and draw the keel. Brave Captain overboard, thar's mutiny a-brewin'! El Beardo with the broom set to lower the boom and get yer juices stewin'. Mr. Tom, Boatswain Jerry, set course for Pedro. Of course! Run that flannel up the flagpole and see if they salute it. It's the Duck Room by nightfall, and then get down to it. Merch in the trashbag, bourbon in the gut -- Cities on Fire with Rock & Roll? Naw, that's Blue Oyster Cult. Watt here. Here? Yeah, right where you left him.

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