MP3: Family Affair Tell The Story of Their Lives On New Single "Sunshine"

Jun 8, 2010 at 3:00 pm
click to enlarge QB and Rep welcome you to the underground. - photo by Keegan Hamilton
photo by Keegan Hamilton
QB and Rep welcome you to the underground.
Twin brothers Mr. Rep and Q.B. the Classic just dropped "Sunshine," a new single from their forthcoming album, Welcome to the Underground. It goes hard like only north St. Louis -- and The Force -- can.

The beat is a chattering hi-hat and thumping bass coupled with grimy synthesizer riffs that sound like Giorgio Moroder's Scarface soundtrack re-imagined for a sequel set in Walnut Park. That works wonders because, like the layered vocals on the track's chorus make clear, this is the story of their "street cat" lives.

The verses are rapid fire and relentless, with a shout-out to "the alcoholics, drastic up in this club scene," and the following promise wrapped in a metaphor: "I'll be back from the dead/ re-born beast like a dinosaur/ this is Jurassic Park/ and this is your final tour."

Click here to download.