MP3: Magnolia Electric Co. Free Live Songs, Playing at the Bluebird Sunday night

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Magnolia Electric Co. plays this Sunday night at the Bluebird. Tre Orsi and Bottomless Pit are also on the bill. Roy Kasten wrote about the band -- which is the project of Jason Molina, late of the baroque-folk outfit Songs:Ohia -- in this week's paper. Kasten elegantly describes Molina as "one of rock's most obsessive mythologists. Stars and moons, wolves and lambs, ghosts and demons, night and more night — those elemental images are etched like mandalas into Molina's psyche, universal anchors for his turbulent, romantic, inner currents."

I discovered recently that my college-radio alma mater, WHRB, did a Jason Molina retrospective show (known colloquially as an "orgy"), for which he contributed some exclusive live tracks. The station has them up for anyone to download here; below find an MP3 of "Lonesome Valley," one of the session songs. It sounds like it's being broadcast via the AM radio airwaves, which befits Molina's ghostly, lonely songs.

MP3: Magnolia Electric Co. "Lonesome Valley" (live for WHRB's Record Hospital)

-- Annie Zaleski

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