MP3: Phaseone Remixes + Original Music

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In this week's paper, Todd McKenzie interviews Andrew Jernigan, the musician known as Phaseone.

Todd McKenzie: Who are you, and how did you get started?
Phaseone: I've been making electronic music off and on for about eight years. It started off as just something to do for fun, and I started spending a lot of time on it about five years ago. I've done everything from jungle, hip-hop, house [to] I.D.M., but mostly hip-hop. Within the past year, I decided to make the switch from being just a hip-hop producer, chasing rappers around and trying to sell beats, to being more of an artist and putting my own name on the music. I want to be able to stand behind what I do and not depend on other people to make it sound right.
Phaseone. - Nils Hinshaw
Nils Hinshaw

Read the rest of the piece here. Then, enjoy some remixes and original music below, and some outtakes after the jump! You can also download Phaseone's 2008 instrumental hip-hop album Mad Weight for free here and here.

MP3: Phaseone, "Love Test (Only)" (from his forthcoming album, due this month)

MP3: J Dilla, "Walkinonit" (Phaseone Remix)

MP3: Panda Bear, "I'm Not" (Phaseone Remix)

Do you have any plans to perform live?
Yes, for sure. I'm working on that right now. After I finish this album and a few more remixes, I'll put that together and hopefully find some places to play at. It will be like a DJ/performance hybrid.

In an ideal world, who else would you like to remix or collaborate with?
I've been approached by a few labels to remix some UK artists that I quite like, and I am looking forward to that.

Is there much crate-digging involved to find your inspiration? What are you looking for when you're listening to music?
I'm sampling a lot less than I used to, but yeah. I really just look for beautiful chords or melodies. I love bass, and beats, but good melody and harmony are what really do it for me.
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