MP3 Weekender: Supersuckers, Robert Pollard's Boston Spaceships, The Safes


Where/When: Friday, October 10, at Deluxe (2733 Sutton Avenue, Maplewood). $15, 21-plus only. Playing With: Holy Python, Jesse Irwin Sounds Like: "Whether you were born with a tail or a pair of angel wings — or neither — the Supersuckers' fire-and-brimstone rock & roll circus is guaranteed to get your blood up. From early punk blasts — like the 1994 Sub Pop classic La Mano Cornuda (translated: The Horned Hand) — to the twang period that found the band backing Steve Earle on an eponymous 1997 EP, up to the forthcoming Get It Together, Eddie Spaghetti's motley crew has lost none of its trademark piss and vinegar." (link) -- Chris Gray

MP3: Supersuckers, "What It Takes"


Where/When: Friday, October 10, at the Bluebird Playing With: The High Strung Sounds Like: "Boston Spaceships is a trio comprised of Pollard, ex-GBV bassist Chris Slusarenko and current Decemberists drummer John Moen. Its first album, Brown Submarine, contains all the elements that make Pollard a certified pop genius: jangly guitars, lo-fi production values and Pollard's impossible-to-parse lyrics, sung with the conviction of a bona fide indie-rock lifer." (link) -- Christian Schaeffer

MP3: Robert Pollard's Boston Spaceships, "Go for the Exit"


Where/When: Saturday, October 11, at Lemmons Playing With: B&E, Left Arm Sounds Like: "The new five-song EP Sight of All Light (which was produced by Frankie) blazes by in less than twelve minutes on the strength of warm and gritty production. Ultra-catchy melodies and overdriven, saccharine-sweet riffs call to mind the quarky eccentricities of early Foo Fighters crossed with the timeless rock & roll of the Kinks." (link) -- Shae Moseley

MP3: The Safes, "Sight of All Light"

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