Nadine with Magnolia Summer

Saturday, December 7; Frederick's Music Lounge

Dec 4, 2002 at 4:00 am
For Nadine, 2002 has been a year of transition. The band parted ways with its label, Undertow, and is searching for a new home for its next album, Strange Seasons; with any luck, it'll be out in early 2003. The band has undergone some changes as well, with new members Merv Schrock (drums) and Jimmy Griffin (guitar) joining longtime members Adam Reichmann (guitar, vocals), Anne Tkach (bass) and Steve Rauner (who recently switched from guitar to keyboards).

Strange Seasons represents a bit of a departure for Nadine's members: They've abandoned their usual DIY approach, opting to have Centro-matic's Matt Pence produce the album. The disc finds them continuing to pull away ever so slightly from the Americana template they established early on; more than anything, though, the band just keeps getting better -- an incredible feat considering the consistently high level at which they've been operating for the past several years.

All of this makes us wonder: How come Nadine's not famous yet? Maybe it's the infrequency with which the quintet tours or even performs locally. That, fortunately, is another way the band has changed: On the itinerary is a flurry of area shows, along with plans for some serious roadwork in the coming year. It's best to catch them now, while you can. This is one of those bands you'll want to be able to claim you saw way back when.