Native Sound Launches GoFundMe for Musicians, Announces Remote Shows Plan

Mar 16, 2020 at 3:51 pm
Native Sound co-owner David Beeman behind the controls at the studio. - BLAIR STILES
Native Sound co-owner David Beeman behind the controls at the studio.

As concert cancellations continue to pour in, devastating the wallets of working musicians, St. Louis' Native Sound Recording has launched a GoFundMe and announced a plan to stream performances at the studio remotely in an effort to help.

"The recent event cancellations and postponements have already been devastating all over the country," writes Native Sound co-owner Benjamin Majchrzak. "St. Louis's music community is no different and many of the musicians and industry people involved are staring down a long and scary tunnel with no potential income for a very long time now. The purpose of this fund is to try to help alleviate that stress and fear.

"Most of those most directly hurt by this lack of income are folks we work with on a weekly/daily basis," he continues. "Some of them we don't know at all, but we do know that they all need our help. So this fund isn't for us. It isn't for anyone in particular honestly. It's for any and every creative freelancer in St. Louis to use as a relief for all current financial burdens they may have."

Those affected will be able to apply for aid once the fundraiser reaches $5,000, Majchrzak writes, and those approved will be able to receive up to five percent of the total money in the fund. Those in need will be able to apply once per month, "so as to allow as many individuals as possible to receive aid."

In order to incentivize donations, the studio will be hosting remote live shows to be streamed on Facebook. Those who "attend" these shows remotely will be asked to give a minimum donation of $10, but Majchrzak writes that the shows will be available for people who cannot afford to give as well.

"We all need music right now," he writes. "It's such a uniting force. So let's try to help those that are creating it for us and do what we can, while we can for them."

Native Sound's plan comes at a time when remote concerts are being discussed more and more seriously as city, state and federal leaders impose more and more strict measures in an effort to contain the virus. Though these steps are necessary, the financial toll that they are taking on musicians and music industry workers — not to mention bar and restaurant employees, for whom similar fundraisers are beginning to pop up in St. Louis — is rapidly growing into its own crisis.

In other words, if you can afford it, consider giving — people are getting devastated right now, and they shouldn't have to worry about money for food or housing in the middle of a global pandemic. You can find the link to Native Sound's GoFundMe here.
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