Nelly and Titans Quarterback Vince Young Make It Rain, Spark Internet Outrage

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Fresh off the St. Lunatics reunion concert at the Pageant this past Sunday, Nelly has taken his show on the road and people have started to take notice. It would be nice if a new hit single was attracting all the attention, but instead he'll have to settle for a struggling NFL quarterback tossing a few wadded up stinkies into the crowd at a benefit concert for a man currently locked for committing felony fraud.

(Take a second to process that last sentence. Slam your head on your desk a few times. Got it? Good.)

The football player is Tennessee Titans quarterback (and former University of Texas star) Vince Young and the felon is founding Geto Boys member Willie D, in jail for scamming people on Ebay. Here's the video of the concert, which was a "Smash the Mic" benefit that went down in Houston on Monday night. It starts to drizzle right about the 1:40 mark:


The sports blogosphere is blowing up with snarky comments and righteous indignation over the footage. Young is coming off an abysmal season in which he lost his starting job to a 37 year-old reformed alcoholic and he has repeatedly vowed that he's getting his off-the-field act together this offseason.
Young, who was almost unstoppable during his college years when he won two Rose Bowls and the Heisman trophy, had kind of a crazy season last year. He was photographed shirtless and sweaty at a rave with a bunch of other shirtless and sweaty dudes (also prompting sports blog outrage), got injured in a game, then went missing while rumors of a possible suicide attempt ran rampant.

So yeah, slurring for Nelly to "Do 'Hot in Herre' so I can lose this damn shirt already" in front of a few thousand people and a video camera might not be the best way to get back on your coach's good side.

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