Nelly to His Daughters' Potential Boyfriends: "I'm a Proud Member of the NRA"

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Probably best to stay away from Nelly's daughters if you value your life. - Egan O'Keefe for RFT.
Egan O'Keefe for RFT.
Probably best to stay away from Nelly's daughters if you value your life.

In a recent video interview with People, St. Louis rapper Nelly spoke about fatherhood and the trickiness of discussing the birds and the bees with your children. Nelly asserts that good parenting is about being involved -- not just financially, but "lovingly and mentally being involved in their lives as much as possible."

Aw, what a sweetheart.

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"As a single dad, do you have the sex talk with your daughter?" the host then asks, to which Nelly loudly groans.

"Yeah. Just say, 'No,'" the rapper states. "Just say, 'All boys are scum.'"

"You know, little boys around my daughters? I'm a proud member of the NRA," he continues emphatically. "Firm handshake, take him out back, do all of that. Let him see the land where he could be buried."

When asked about his advice for his son? "Go boy!" Nelly laughs. "What you waiting on?"

Nelly and his family will star in the upcoming BET reality show Nellyville, set to air on November 25. Let's hope no potential suitors have to die during its filming.

Watch the People interview below.


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