New Bunnygrunt LP + West Coast Tour Coming in May

Mar 11, 2009 at 4:35 pm
While I dropped by Vintage Vinyl on Sunday, Matt Harnish alerted me that Bunnygrunt will be releasing a new album in May on Happy Happy Birthday to Me called Matt Harnish and Other Delights.

Here's a rough cut of the Delights cover, a painting rendition of the band playing live.
New Bunnygrunt LP + West Coast Tour Coming in May
Dana Smith/

"It is much more of a full-band release than the last one was," Hanish says. "This one is songs we've been playing live for a year or so. [It's] much more solid-focused, [there's] no experimentation on this one. It's straight-out rock."

The "full band" to which he refers includes Karen Ried, Eric Von Damage, Mario Viele and Jason Hutto; songs you might know include "665 and a 1/2 Won't Do" and "Southtown Famous."

The Delights release show is May 16 at the Wedge, a mere two days before Bunnygrunt goes west for a two-week tour, a trek that will stop at the San Francisco Pop Fest. It'll be available on vinyl only at first, with a CD version maybe following later. 

If that wasn't enough Bunnygrunt news, the band will be celebrating its Sweet 16 at the Wedge this Friday by performing as their Blondie-cover-band alter-ego, Blondiegrunt.