New Release Highlights for September 7: Interpol, Helmet, the Thermals, Jerry Lee Lewis and more

(New albums are typically released on Tuesdays, i.e., today. What can you spend your hard-earned pennies on this week? Find out below.)

click to enlarge Acorn's No Ghost
Acorn's No Ghost

*The Acorn, No Ghost Drowned In Sound's review of the album explains, "Cynics might argue about the familiar sounds on No Ghost and may perhaps point to the absence of anything truly experimental like the West African rhythms of their previous albums. What they lack in originality, however, The Acorn make up for in non-pretentious songcraft; dynamic arrangements, affecting melodies and harmonies and tasteful production. One of the most understated and, in all likelihood, underrated gems of the year so far." Listen to two tracks from No Ghost via Myspace Music.

*The first video from No Ghost, "Restoration."

click to enlarge Kaleidoscope Heart
Kaleidoscope Heart

*Sara Bareilles, Kaleidoscope Heart Rolling Stone paid Bareilles somewhat of a backhanded compliment in its review of the new record. "'I've got a thick tongue,' sings 30-year-old Sara Bareilles on 'Gonna Get Over You,' a playfully sexy bit of doo-wop pop. It's the high point on the follow-up to 2007's Little Voice and its megahit, 'Love Song.' Bareilles veers between fellow pianists Alicia Keys and Regina Spektor, avoiding either's extremes. The result, notwithstanding the title a cappella and an awkward confessional ('Basket Case'), is generic big-box pop; throw a mandolin on the kiss-off 'King of Anything' and you have Faith Hill. Which is fine. But there seems to be a more interesting artist lurking in here, somewhere.

*The official video for "King of Anything," the first single from Kaleidoscope Heart.

click to enlarge Gasoline Silver's debut
Gasoline Silver's debut

*Gasoline Silver, Gasoline Silver Gasoline Silver is the newest project from Ron Franklin, formerly a solo artist. There's not a lot of media out for the new record yet, but there is a live video on the band's Web site that might wet whet your appetite.

Jukebox The Ghost, Everything Under The SunConsequence of Sound gave the album a 4.5 rating. "Even at its most underwhelming, the album is full of wondrous pop gems. "The Popular Thing" should make Hall and Oates want to eat their stupid, mustached heart(s) out. Hand claps, falsetto vocal delivery, baroque-period piano, a bluesy/jam rock breakdown, and the simplest lyrics ever create one of the most fundamentally basic yet complex tracks the band has ever done." Listen to "Schizophrenia," the first single from Everything Under the Sun, via Myspace Music.

click to enlarge The local boys are back with Prepare the Preparations
The local boys are back with Prepare the Preparations

*Ludo, Prepare The Preparations Back in June, we gave you a sneak peak at Ludo's latest, Prepare the Preparations. (Follow the link to watch a precious homemade video in which Ludo quite literally puts whipped cream on it, with "it" being guitars, stuffed animals, grilled cheese sandwiches, cans of whipped cream, shoes, naughty magazines and more. The official video is posted below.) Additionally, buying Prepare the Preparations at Vintage Vinyl gets you into a private show this Wednesday.

*The official video for "Whipped Cream."

click to enlarge Interpol's back with a self titled record.
Interpol's back with a self titled record.

*Interpol, Interpol Following Paul Banks' solo release and tour (under the pseudonym "Julian Plenti"), Interpol is back with a new, self-titled record - you can stream it in full here.

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