No "Butts" About It: "Donk Dat" by Yung Ro

When it comes to songs about butts, there's a rich musical tradition. If you've been to a St. Louis nightclub lately, you've probably heard the latest candidate vying for a spot in the pantheon of ass anthems: "Donk Dat Booty" by Yung Ro. 

If you haven't, click below to download and stream it.

No "Butts" About It: "Donk Dat" by Yung Ro
Courtesy of Yung Ro

MP3: Yung Ro, "Donk Dat Booty"

The song, which was released last September, sounds like the bastard offspring of Soulja Boy's "She Got A Donk" and the infamous dance sensation "Da Stanky Leg."

Sure, it may lack the understated charm of K.C. and the Sunshine Band's "Shake Shake Shake (Shake Your Booty)" or the lyrical dexterity of Sir Mix-A-Lot's timeless classic "Baby Got Back," but "Donk Dat" is in a class of its own. And since the song's 17-year-old singer is still in high school, that class is probably remedial English. 

If you're wondering what it means to "donk" a booty, you're probably not alone. Fortunately, thanks to an online competition to come up with an official dance for the song, there's no shortage of visual demonstrations on YouTube. After all, what's vapid new rap tune without a silly dance to go along with it?

Essentially, to "Donk" is to jiggle, gyrate, or otherwise bounce one's butt. For further instruction, a trip to your local gentleman's club is probably in order. 

Reached by phone, Yung Ro (real name: Roland Page), succinctly explains the origin of the term: "Donkey. Like a donkey butt. You never heard somebody say, 'She got a donkey?'" 

Of course, young Roland also says he is the CEO of his own record label, Black Pearl Entertainment, which is run out of a tattoo parlor on Olive, also called The Black Pearl. He says he's currently in "home school" but he used to attend Parkway North High School. 

Asked to describe what inspired him to pen such a profound song, he replies, "It's a party song aimed at females from my generation. It's woman-friendly and it packs the dance floor. It's a fun song. You know, what man wouldn't enjoy watching a girl 'Donk Dat'" 

As for the song's similarity to Soulja Boy and "Da Stanky Leg," Ro explains, "We both do club music. I like them, I respect them."

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