No, Seriously, Is Daft Punk Playing Coachella?

Apr 13, 2013 at 2:33 pm

daft punk commercialtop.jpg
Screenshot of the Daft Punk commercial at Coachella last night
Editor's Note: While the Daft Punk tribute went off last night at 2720 Cherokee, the real deal is rumored to play Coachella Music Festival this year. Here's a report from Kai Flanders of the RFT's sister paper, the LA Weekly.
This is, so far, the burning question of this Coachella, being asked everywhere from the campsites to the press tent.

Even though the French dance-punk duo officially squashed the rumors, not many people seem to be buying it.

At least, not since last night.

Just before Yeah Yeah Yeahs took the main stage, the massive jumbotrons played a short trailer for Daft Punk's upcoming forth studio album Random Access Memories.

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The video teased a new song featuring Pharrell Williams (who was also at the fest, btw). It also announced the album features Panda Bear, Nile Rodgers, Julian Casablancas, Paul Williams, DJ Falcon, Todd Edwards, Chilly Gonzales, and Giorgio Moroder.

Twitter exploded and some took it as a sign their predictions had been confirmed. I mean, that would be pretty damn cruel to tease everyone like that, no?

Here are some of arguments for why Daft Punk will perform:

1. The timing is perfect. Their album drops next month, and yesterday Consequence of Sound reported that the first single "Get Lucky" -- the one previewed by the Coachella trailer -- debuts on Monday.

2. The last time Daft Punk played in America was in 2010, as a surprise guest for Phoenix. Phoenix closes tonight. Fate?

3. It seems a bit counter-intuitive to tease a hundred thousand people with a trailer at a Coachella and then not show up. Their 2006 Coachella set is one of lore, why would they want to tarnish that legend?

4. Oh, and Daft Punk are fucking here, at Coachella. They were watching the video on screen like everyone else.

One thing is certain: anyone officially associated with the festival that we've talked to flatly and confidently denies that Daft Punk is playing. But then again, telling a reporter the big secret on the eve of its hypothetical fruition would be just about the dumbest thing you could do.

It's all very confusing, interesting, and the subject of much discussion, which is surely what we expect Daft Punk intended.

See the commercial below