Now "Here" This: More from the Ten St. Louis Bands That Should Be Famous

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In this week's print edition, we make the case that the St. Louis music scene is more than just alive and kicking -- it's absolutely thriving. Local acts are grinding out shows and creating brilliant tunes that music lovers around the world would dig. For just one timely example, check out "Christmas This Year," a rockin' holiday tune by Bruiser Queen, the duo featured on the cover:

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In the print article, we describe exactly why the Blind Eyes, Theresa Payne, Scarlet Tanager, the Dive Poets, Doorway, Pretty Little Empire, Tef Poe, Middle Class Fashion, Via Dove and Bruiser Queen all deserve to hit it big. We also chat with the musicians about their favorite gigs, their influences and more, but the bands are so damn interesting that we couldn't fit all the good stuff into print! So below, check out songs by each act and learn more dirty details about the folks who will soon become part of your daily playlists.


Best gig: One that really stands out for me recently is the show we did at the Pageant a couple of months ago with Sleepy Kitty and the Incurables. It was a total crapshoot as to whether or not we could make a local bill at the Pageant actually work, as obviously that is a very hard room to play if you can't get people out in good numbers, but we did. It felt like a real accomplishment to have pulled that off so successfully. -- Matt Picker

What everyone should know about music from St. Louis: It's so damn good. It's diverse, and the playing and songwriting right now is almost untouchable. I can't remember a point in my music "career" (ha) when the bands in this town have been at a higher caliber than they are now. But then there's all these other facets that hold it up and just amplify everything: great venues popping up, good people booking shows, what's happening on Cherokee Street with the DIY print shops and stuff, Bill Streeter shooting all these amazing videos, RFT and Eleven killing it, KDHX getting better and better. It's just a really solid microcosm of awesome stuff happening.

Current favorite local act: Tilts. They're hot for pizza.

Hidden talents: Seth [Porter] does an amazing Randy Newman impersonation. I made up a trick where it looks like I'm stretching my thumb really far, which has really impressed my one year old.

Classic MTV-era music video they'd redo: "Our Lips Are Sealed" by the Go-Go's, primarily just to fulfill my lifelong dream of frolicking in a public fountain.


Best gig: "Definitely the concert I put on for the release my EP The Moment. It was amazing to introduce my new music, and it was one of my best performances!"

What everyone should know about music from St. Louis: Outsiders should know that St. Louis has so much talent with unique styles.

Hidden talents: A dumb talent that I have is the ability to juggle plastic bags.

Guilty pleasure: I rarely dabble in anything I would find embarrassing, but people would be surprised to know how heavily in tune I am with twerk music.

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