Obscurity Knocks: Cotton Mather

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Tonight at Off Broadway, Future Clouds and Radar is playing with the O's and Elsinore, a pretty good triple bill. FC&R is also performing as part of Euclid Records' Euclid Sessions series at 3 p.m. on Sunday, February 22.

But before 'Radar leader Robert Harrison played under that name, he fronted Cotton Mather. The Austin power-pop band was championed by Oasis thanks to 1997's Kon Tiki. The song below is from this album; yes, it came out in the late 1990s, and not, say, England in the late 1970s. Like any classic power-pop song, the tune is devoid of signifiers of any certain area. Cotton Mather released a smattering of EPs, singles and three albums, but split in 2003. Two other members of CM formed Stockton, whose CD appears out of stock at that link. Video for another song "April Fool's" after the jump.

MP3: Cotton Mather, "My Before and After"

"April's Fool"

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