Observing the Twentieth Anniversary of the Riverport Riot with the Ten Best Concert Brawls

Jul 12, 2011 at 7:02 am
History shows that Axl Rose doesn't like cameras. The cell phone era must drive him batshit crazy.
History shows that Axl Rose doesn't like cameras. The cell phone era must drive him batshit crazy.

Overshadowed by the celebration of Independence Day, another explosive moment from American history came and went on Saturday, July 2 -- the twentieth anniversary of the infamous Riverport Riot.

That's right, it was July 2, 1991 when Axl Rose made that infamous dive into that Riverport crowd because someone dared take his picture. An all out riot ensued and neither the band nor the amphitheater have ever been the same. Nowadays, we hope Rose appreciates the cosmic irony every time he takes the stage and looks out into a sea of iPhones and other recording devices snapping up his visage for all of YouTube to watch.

So in honor of this historic event, we decided to take a look back at the top ten concert brawls that have been captured thanks to those handy personal recording devices.

Check out the videos after the jump.

10. Pitbull Goes Pit Bull on a Fan

We guess this fan forgot that pit bulls are territorial creatures. Unfortunately for him, this dog's bite is just as bad as his bark.

9. Converge's Mosh Pit Mayhem

Knock this video up to the 2:30 mark for the melee. It appears that the mosh pit spills up onto the stage, which causes all hell to break loose. People are fighting, swinging guitars, mic stands and dive bombing back into the crowd. Now that's hardcore.

8. Touch Me One More Time and See What Happens

Henry Rollins. Black Flag. Enough said.

7. Don't F*ck with Snoop

We're still wondering why in the hell anyone would think it's a good idea to rush the stage and grab Snoop while his entire crew is right behind him. Things do not turn out so well for this guy. Amazingly, the music never stops and they commence the party like nothing ever happened.

6. Fall Out Boy Scuffles with Security...No Seriously

A man identified only as Charlie gets into an exchange with a security guard. The fight falls into the crowd. Pete Wentz follows, dives right into the action and starts throwing down.