Of Great and Mortal Men on NPR Music, Magnolia Summer Song Featured

Oct 8, 2008 at 5:23 pm

Congratulations to Magnolia Summer, whose song about President William McKinley, "Czolgosz's Dream," was one of three featured as a download on NPR Music's story about Of Great and Mortal Men. (For reference, the other tracks featured are about Herbert Hoover ("Woe Is A Spoon-Shaped Heart, featuring Marla Hansen) and Jimmy Carter ("A Great Beam of Light," which features Rosie Thomas).)


This three-CD collection, as we talked about earlier in the summer in our interview with co-writers Christian Kiefer, Jefferson Pitcher and J. Matthew Gerken, contains a song written about each U.S. president, up to and including George W. Bush. Read more about the genesis of Magnolia Summer's track -- and stream it -- right here.

-- Annie Zaleski