Off Broadway Is Getting Rid Of Its Booths. Incidentally, Do You Need A Booth?

Ah, memories. - Jason Stoff
Jason Stoff

A month after they gave the bar a trim (to put it mildly), Off Broadway is making another (much less drastic) alteration: The five booths on the patio are on their way out. "They just aren't a very efficient use of space," says owner Steve Pohlman. He says they will be replaced by cocktail tables, some of which are currently being stored in the balcony. So some space will open up there as well.

We certainly understand the logic, but we will still be pouring out some of our next tall boy in memoriam. If you just can't bring yourself to say goodbye, or if you are a restaurant or bar or something looking for a few booths, OB is selling theirs. The Craigslist posting just about sums it up: "Well suited to sitting and drinking. And smoking. All at the same time. Come and get 'em. Cash is king."

Do you have any Off Broadway booth stories to share? Being offered whisky from a CamelBak-esque bladder stored in this woman's bra is probably the strangest thing that's happened to us while sitting there, but we've had some memorable conversations and meet some excellent folks on those red benches as well.

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