OK Go's New Video, "End Love," Has Regional Ties

Jun 15, 2010 at 4:49 pm

One of these days, OK Go isn't going to be able to top itself when it comes to video concepts. That day is not today, however. The quartet premiered the video for "End Love" early this afternoon, and it's a typically quirky, visually engaging romp. Fun facts, though: "End Love" was executive-produced by Edwardsville native AJ Schnack, the filmmaker behind the documentary Kurt Cobain: About a Son and the 2008 DNC documentary Convention. Nathan Truesdell, who lives in Columbia and went to Mizzou, was camera assist on the video. Schnack also executive-produced both versions of OK Go's "This Too Shall Pass" video (the Rube Goldberg machine one and the marching band version), while Truesdell worked on the marching band version. The latter is also producing a forthcoming film about Branson that Schnack co-directed with David Wilson -- e.g. one of the directors of Columbia's annual True/False Film Festival. (Whew. Got that?) Watch the OK Go video below -- and don't forget to add the video's star, "Orange Bill, the Goose" as a friend on Facebook.