Out Every Night: The Best Shows in St. Louis From August 26 to September 1

Aug 26, 2013 at 8:21 am

It's Monday, and we're already daydreaming about how we can stay out all night Sunday and sleep in the next day thanks to Labor Day weekend up ahead. Expend some of that excess energy to be by checking out some shows this week. The English Beat, the Bulletproof Tiger, Slut River and more make stops into town while mainstays like Tok and Ou Où hold the local scene down. Read about all those and more recommendations after the jump.

Coheed and Cambria Monday, August 26, 8 p.m. w/ Circa Survive @ The Pageant - $30 By Scott Heisel From this 2010 show preview: It took a decade of slogging through the trenches of contemporary punk and emo, but Coheed and Cambria finally did it: The band is now considered strictly a rock band, with no silly, hyphen-carrying prefixes before it. Sure, frontman Claudio Sanchez still writes lyrically obtuse concept albums about space and the apocalypse and stuff; honestly, we stopped paying attention to the lyrics right around 2005's Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness — but we'll be damned if the actual music hasn't gotten beefier and beefier with each subsequent release. Coheed is the type of band grizzled Rush fans and their Warped Tour-attending kids can bond over. Do we always get it? No. Do we still headbang in unison along with Sanchez and his mighty locks? You better believe it, space cadet.

The Bulletproof Tiger Tuesday, August 27, 8 p.m. w/ Crucial, Potions, Stonechat @ Blank Space - $5 By Mabel Suen Guitar picks only get in the way. Who needs a measly piece of plastic to dingle strings when equipped with nimble digits that can dial in notes faster than a scam artist making collect calls? The Bulletproof Tiger hails from Windsor, Ontario, and while fingertapping its way through an American tour will make its first ever stop in St. Louis. Welcome the band's proficiently executed, hyper melodic math-rock by basking in its jazzy modes and shuffling to its clean, cascading riffage. It's a sound smoother than room temperature peanut butter -- you know, the kind mothers approve.

The English Beat Wednesday, August 28, 9 p.m. @ Blueberry Hill - $25-$27.50 By Allison Babka Okay, okay, we get it: The current English Beat isn't exactly the same band that put out songs like "Mirror in the Bathroom" and "Save It for Later" in the late '70s and early '80s. Though vocalist/guitarist Dave Wakeling has been the only original member of the North American iteration for many years (pals Ranking Roger and Everett Morton are active in the U.K. version, the Beat), the English Beat still deserves respect for what it is: a two-tone ska revival band with energetic musicians who layer some sweet reggae, punk and new wave beats. The band makes regular stops all over St. Louis, but seeing a show in the intimate Blueberry Hill will give you the best bang for your skankin' dollars.

Ou Où Thursday, August 29, 6 p.m. w/ DJ Kate Estwing @ Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts - free By Christian Schaeffer From "Experimental: Meet the 2013 RFT Music Award Nominees:" Our composition teachers taught us that all writing is really revision, and Ou Où is a musical representation of that little koan. Travis Bursik and Patrick Weston make up this instrumental duo, and the pair set about building a phrase or pattern, modulating it within an inch of its life, and then starting from scratch. The aural evidence on the band's series of EPs (including this year's cassette release Geocities) reveals some songs that build to a frenzy and some songs that drip and decay.