Out Every Night: The Best Shows in St. Louis From December 30 to January 5

Royal Southern Brotherhood - Tuesday, December 31 @ Old Rock House - Press Photo
Royal Southern Brotherhood - Tuesday, December 31 @ Old Rock House

Happy holidaze, everyone. We've entered into the nebulous Bermuda Triangle-like week of the year, a veritable vortex of celebrations and shows. Keep track of some goings-ons this week with some recommendations from our critics, and don't forget to check the fine print for info on how to get a more substantial listing at your fingertips. Say hello to 2014...

Soulard Blues Band Monday, December 30, 9 p.m. @ Broadway Oyster Bar - $5 By RFT Staff The Soulard Blues Band has gigged around town for more than twenty-five years. Most notably, its weekly residency at Broadway Oyster Bar perfectly accompanies the Southern-themed vibe complete with booze and Cajun food. Bassist and sole remaining founder Art Dwyer, a blues aficionado on local community radio station KDHX, holds down the band with his casual plucked lines. The rest of the rhythm section follows suit, allowing room for solos to float between rounds of drinks and a comfortable swing.

Royal Southern Brotherhood Tuesday, December 31, 10 p.m. w/ Funky Butt Brass Band @ Old Rock House - $35/$40 By Roy Kasten The critical establishment hates no genre more than "jam bands," which, on its face, is bizarre. If you don't like a guitar solo or a groove, you're in the wrong line of work. If ever there were a jam band to win over skeptics, it's the Royal Southern Brotherhood, a quintet with a truly royal bloodline. Featuring Cyril Neville and Devon Allman, and heavy hitters Charlie Wooten, Mike Zito and Yonrico Scott (drummer for the Derek Trucks Band), the RSB remakes electric blues in the image of Southern rock and New Orleans funk, and approaches every song as a challenge to the audience to get up and get down. For this New Year's Eve show, the RSB will be joined by St. Louis' Funky Butt Brass Band, tackling the Stones' Exile on Main St. start to finish.

Bret Michaels Tuesday, December 31, 8 p.m. @ Hollywood Casino - $100 By Jaime Lees Critics counted Bret Michaels out years ago. As the main figurehead for his '80s band, Poison, Michaels was a lipstick-wearing, prancing peacock of overindulged machismo. But all good (and terrible) things must come to an end, and eventually he, his band and his entire cock-rock genre were buried beneath the flames of an Aqua Net-accelerated inferno. Still, he rises-- but less like a phoenix from the ashes and more like a zombie from the grave. Michaels cannot be stopped. During what could be his retirement years, he's become bigger than ever, with huge successes that include reality shows, products and spokesperson duties. And still the singing, of course. They say that the only things to survive nuclear war will be cockroaches and Cher. But we'd bet that Bret Michaels will be hanging on, too. (And probably putting the moves on the Goddess of Pop.)

Note: Get a full listing of other shows happening on New Year's Eve including Here Comes the Mummies at the Pageant, Nee and more at Plush, and the Bump & Hustle NYE at 2720 by perusing our concert calendar.

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Megan Gilliland

Stag Nite Wednesday, January 1, 9 p.m. w/ Cowboy Ryan, Banjo Kellie, Elly Herget, Seaby @ Livery Company - $5 By Daniel Hill From "Stag Nite offers weekly camaraderie in debauchery": Stag Nite is a south-side tradition.... The premise is simple: Three bands, five bucks, dollar Stag beers all night -- every Wednesday since the first one was held ten years ago at Magee's. "I just happened to be the bartender there," says Vegas. "It was around this time, 2003, that my friend Maggie St. Germaine started booking music on Wednesday nights. She was a neighbor and just wanted to see some music at her local bar."

Neoteric Thursday, January 2, 9 p.m. w/ Genocide Pact, Violations, Nos Bos @ CBGB - $7 By Joseph Hess Neoteric feels like a throwback to '90s grunge through the lens of high-brow art rock. There is an obvious starting point in classic hardcore, but the band branches out with varied tempos and structure and a distinct willingness to slow down and belt a vocal or two. This pill comes hard to swallow, with a heavy penchant for squealing guitar -- there's certainly discernible melody under Neoteric's blanket of feedback, you just have to be brave enough to look for it (or smart enough to wear earplugs). Neoteric comes from Western Massachusetts with another touring band in tow -- Genocide Pact from Washington, D.C. While you won't be charged an entry fee, a bucket will be passed around and depositing $7 is the customary thing to do in this situation. Local punkers Nos Bos and Violations provide hometown support, making four bands for roughly two gallons of gas. That's an even trade.

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