Out Every Night: The Best Shows in St. Louis From September 9 to September 15

Sep 9, 2013 at 6:19 am

Whew, what a weekend! Between LouFest (check our full coverage here), Bob Reuter's memorial show and Iron Maiden/Megadeth at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, we're tuckered out! No rest for the weary, though.

This week, catch performances from touring acts including Lucinda Williams, the Alkaholiks and Bitchin Bajas. There's plenty to see, no matter the preferred flavor. From R&B to country and everything in between, get your concert fix with our picks, right after the jump.

Lucinda Williams Monday, September 9, 8 p.m. w/ The Kenneth Brian Band @ The Pageant - $25/$27.50 By Roy Kasten "Take the glory any day over the fame," Lucinda Williams once sang. But she never had to choose. Lucinda got both by pursuing her individual genius -- her sensitivity to place, her susceptibility to lust, her Nobel-worthy storytelling -- and never forcing a record she didn't want to make. Starting with the self-titled Rough Trade album in 1988 -- the one Lucinda will be playing start to finish on this tour -- she's adhered to the standard for writing and performing songs set by icons like Hank Williams or Bob Dylan. And if her voice has grown as leathery as Dylan's she's still a riveting presence on stage. We need that voice now more than ever.

Bitchin Bajas Tuesday, September 10, 8 p.m. w/ Raglani, Burlin Mud, Trancers @ Apop Records - $5 By Joseph Hess Straight from the brain of Chicago's Cooper Crain, known best for his work with Cave, Bitchin Bajas locks neo-hippy soundscape into beats. Musical pieces drone on in loops while a stray woodwind fights against murky keys. Keys populate the sound, adding tonal guidance to a spacey group who manages, just barely, to stay grounded here on Earth. Once a solo endeavor, Bitchin Bajas now works through a trio, indulging with deep psychedelia. Luckily these hippies eschew the drum circle (or any sort of percussion, really) allowing for focused tones from tape machines and time-warped electronics.

Rose Windows Wednesday, September 11, 9 p.m. w/ Stardeath and White Dwarfs, Versuch @ The Firebird - $10-$12 By Christian Schaeffer You'd be forgiven for thinking that Sub Pop Records goes around signing any vaguely psychedelic folk band with a crew of at least five or more scraggly bearded folks, considering the success of bands such as Fleet Foxes and the Head and the Heart. But an area code and a label imprint are where the similarities between those bands and Rose Windows ends; the septet has studied its British folk and proto-metal LPs carefully, making a nice marriage of both Liege & Lief and "Sweet Leaf." The band's debut album The Sun Dogs is a showcase for both Rabia Shaheen Qazi's tempest-tossed vocals and guitarist/majordomo Chris Cheveyo's earthen riffs.

Lizzie Weber Thursday, September 12, 8 p.m. w/ Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys @ The Gramophone - $5 By Mabel Suen From "Fill in the Blank: Lizzie Weber:" Lizzie Weber gets her music moniker from none other than her own mother, who assigned the endearing nickname to her early on. A young Lizzie Weber began picking at piano keys at the ripe age of 11 and spent her teen years composing songs and learning how to play the guitar. The resulting ballads she pens take on a personal, narrative form that channels inspiration from favorite artists including Judy Collins and Joan Baez. A little bit pop, a little bit folk, the songs reflect on the relationships that shaped her over the years, sung with deliberate, dynamic phrasing and deep sentiment.