Pande-Mix Playlist: Young Fathers' "Shame"

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Each week, ex-KDHX DJ Chris Ward examines a song from his quarantine-based playlist dealing with isolation, loneliness, hope and germs. This song and more can be found on the Spotify playlist, “Pande-mix: an end of the world playlist”:

"Shame" — Young Fathers — White Men Are Black Men Too (2015)

“Nothing but a barefaced lie, is all you cunts can hold on to.”

They go low, we go high my ass.

As our friends and families die en masse, one of the continuing annoyances of the Democratic party is their complete and utter lack of backbone to call Republican leaders what they really are, as often and as vulgar and as ceaselessly as possible, while instead trying maintain some modicum of pre-internet civility. Consequently, by brute force design, the daily 40,000 foot tidal wave of grotesque right-wing fuckery, smug trolling and crimes against humanity is still working — crashing down on the Left while some lost souls still whine into a void “this is not normal!” and hyperventilate tweets into a digital paper bag.

In history class, I once learned that one of the reasons we defeated the British so handily is because they arrived on our shores with their Rules of War, and we were leaping out of trees and shit, with knives and squirrel guns and insurgency-like ambuscados. “This isn’t normal!” the British cried as they a-kept a-runnin, down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. Similarly, in public, Democrats clutch their pearls and use cow-flop phrases like “the president ought not to” and “we mustn’t” and “they should be ashamed” and “history will judge.” Man, come off it.

Just once, I’d love to see a rascally Claire McCaskill or Al Sharpton appear on MSNBC to discuss the GOP and quote the Scottish band Young Fathers: “Nothing but a barefaced lie, is all you cunts can hold on to,” before Ari Melber frantically cuts to commercial (an advertisement for truck liners that are COVID-resistant). Wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air with Terry Gross?

But, were that to happen, they’d of course be shamed — SHAMED! — by Progressive Twitter for a month for their choice of problematic words during the Left’s out-of-touch, hand bell-ringing march to utterly blow another election.

So until then, as Jim Croce lamented, we will have to say it in a song.

Young Fathers’ “Shame” (the sound of TV on the Radio, if they were soccer hooligans) lays this sentiment out nicely. The driving-momentum gets under your skin immediately in just three buzzy notes over a syncopated beat that sounds harvested from one of those Hammond organs every house had in the ‘70s. To my pleasant surprise, it also shows up in an episode of the criminally untalked about queer Netflix comedy-drama Feel Good. What a great needle-drop song in the decade of lies to come.

“What you do to feel better? What you do to feel good?” the choir ends.

Or, more appropriately, how do you sleep at night, all of you?

This song and many more can be found on Chris Ward’s Pande-Mix playlist on Spotify.

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