PDF of the Proposed St. Charles Liquor Law Amendments

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Commenter Don in the other thread sent a link to the PDF that outlines the proposed changes to the St. Charles liquor laws.

Of note is provision (G) in Section 115.12 (on page 8 of the document), which bans "indecent, profane or obscene language, song, entertainment, literature or advertising material upon the premises" and states that "at no time, under any circumstances, shall any licensee or his/her employees immediately fail to prevent or suppress any violent quarrel, disorder, brawl, fight or other improper or unlawful conduct of any person upon the premises."

Scroll on down to page 21 and Section 115.32 (Suspension or Revocation of License), and it appears penalties can be levied against places which serve alcohol -- if they are disorderly. This conduct can include "acts of immorality, acts of lewd conduct, breaches of the peace" and -- "suffering or permitting any acts prohibited by section 115.11." Weirdly, 115.11 is a section called Druggists May Sell and Physicians Prescribe (and it involves the purchase of "intoxicating liquor...used in connection with the business of a druggist, in compounding medicines or as a solvent or preservative"). Did the bill mean to state 115.12 instead? I'm not sure.

Either way, the penalty could be a license suspension of up to 90 days -- or revoking it completely.

Here's the PDF for you to download (or right-click to have it open in a new window). Any lawyers that read this -- I know you're out there -- able to weigh in on this? Is this wording standard? Does this violate personal rights?

-- Annie Zaleski

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