Peter Gallagher

7 Days in Memphis (Sony)

7 Days in Memphis

Summer Roberts: OK, so, last fall Sandy Cohen surprised Kirsten with a 25th-anniversary party at The Bait Shop. So sweet, right? But the piece de resistance was when he crooned "Don't Give Up On Me" in this soulful tenor. We were shocked: eyebrows and vocal cords? OMG! But still, we were, like, totally surprised when he released 7 Days In Memphis; between being a public defender and policing Seth and Ryan, when did he find time to cut a record? Um, mystery! And what's with the alias "Peter Gallagher"? I thought Peter Gallagher was some Broadway veteran? Anyway, against stacked odds, Mr. Cohen has dropped a hell of a disc. It's a collection of blue-eyed soul standards, some backed by big band (like my hip-swingin' fave, "Still Got The Blues"), while others are as stripped as Marissa Cooper ("Leave Right Now"). Seriously, I cannot believe the smoothness of his voice; it's so retro! But don't tell Seth — it would be totally lame to admit that I love this CD.
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