Pitchfork: Les Savy Fav Review, Photos

Before today I had never seen the New York City art punks Les Savy Fav before. I'd only heard stories, crazy, strange stories of a level of hedonism rivaled only by Roman orgies.

They were all true.

Rather than attempt to eloquently describe everything that exhibitionist lead singer (and part time hair stylist and masseuse) Tim Harrington did I'll simply give a bullet point play-by-play. No need to embellish.

1. Harrington emerges in a bright yellow jumpsuit with frilly blue shit dangling from it.

2. Harrington strips of said jumpsuit, revealing shiny red tights with one leg cut off to reveal his junk. Also wearing a tie-dye t-shirt.

3. He has a tiny video camera taped to his head.

4. He puts on a pair of latex gloves, then takes them off, blows them up and throws them into the crowd.

5. He jumps into the crowd and takes the mic about 150 feet cord deep.

6. He produces a Sherlock Holmes, deerstalker hat and trenchcoat and puts them on. "Why can't we do this every day?" he asks, "Why can't we wear a Sherlock costume with shiny underpants everyday?" He enters the crowd, steps into a Chicago Park District trash can and the crowd hoists him up, where he finished the song.

7. He puts a red handkerchief over his face old west train-robber style, then over his head Grandma-style.

8. I leave to go the bathroom and when I come back his ample gut and bearded face are both covered with mud. I have no idea how this happened.

9. He spots a little kid in the audience and starts bellowing weird grunts and screams, then gives the mic to the kid to imitate him.

10. He finishes up wearing a flesh-colored leotard painted with all kinds of crazy colors.

The band and audience were rocking out hard throughout this entire spectacle.

- Keegan Hamilton

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