Popular Mechanics Releases New Video, Talks Civic Pride: "Pretty Genuine Weirdness Going on Around Here"

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From "Three to Six" by Popular Mechanics. - Music video by James Walker
Music video by James Walker
From "Three to Six" by Popular Mechanics.

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Popular Mechanics trails down the beaten path of rock while working in beloved, but all-too-familiar pop trappings. But each song the band deploys somehow comes packed with dynamic shifts, classy hooks and just enough of a rough edge to keep the whole experience from feeling sterile. Popular Mechanics finds common ground with '90s trends like grunge and early indie rock, but it never veers too far into one genre.

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Founding member and vocalist Dave Todd formed the band to write versatile songs so their melodies could translate into less traditional rock formats. While Todd's lyrics toy with subversion, his guitar work lays a solid pop foundation. Drummer Tim Pinkerton drives the band forward with punk-infused percussion, and bassist Rick Addis glues each part, keeping the band grounded with a solid rhythm section. Andy Brandemeyer joined Popular Mechanics this past spring, expanding the band's sound with a second guitar.

Popular Mechanics has two releases to date: Time and a Half, which came out in 2010, and Seven to Three, which came out on cassette tape in June 2013. Last week, the band uploaded a brand-new music video for the latest tape's title track. "Seven to Three" riffs on the life of an office drone, and the band physically works within a familiar setting. "The song talks about a white-collar existential crisis, so the office theme was pretty obvious," Todd says.

Dave Todd and Andy Brandemeyer met with us to discuss inspiration, and what it means to be a musician in St. Louis. Click though as the members of Popular Mechanics "Fill In The Blanks."

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