Premiere: Finn's Motel Releases New Music Video Made by Blip Blap

Sep 18, 2014 at 3:02 am
Video still from Finn's Motel's "Recurring Dream with Halo's Glow"
Video still from Finn's Motel's "Recurring Dream with Halo's Glow"

RFT Music is proud to premiere the new music video for Finn's Motel's "Recurring Dream with Halo's Glow," a bright, warm track off of the bands upcoming album Into the Realm of Jupiter Rex.

With nearly every scene soaked in steep, slanting sun, the video perfectly captures the fading end of summer. The use of light and the clarity of the scenes are representative of the kind of magnetic quality that we've come to expect from local production company Blip Blap Video.

This is a family and community affair from top to bottom— everything here is locally sourced:

  • Finn's Motel is staffed by St. Louis music scene lifers: [in order of appearance] Joe Thebeau (vocals, guitar), Patrick Hawley (drums), Chris Grabau (vocals, guitar), Steve Scariano (bass guitar), Toby Weiss (vocals) and Matt Meyer (lead guitar).

  • Location scenes were shot all around the metro area, including Affton High School and Cahokia Mounds — places that effortlessly echo the lyrics of the song. ("With the light around your face" / "a thousand years of history")

  • Finn's Motel songwriter Joe Thebeau's kid, Alex Thebeau, is the featured actor — a little fact that lends an extra bit of sweetness to the story presented in the video.

  • The performance scenes were filmed at the Thebeau family home and proudly feature four-legged cutie "Murphy the Incidental Dog." The house also has many works by local artists on display. Thebeau offers: "While watching the video, play the game everyone is soon to be playing: trying to identify the St. Louis artists' work we are fortunate to hang on our walls."

Check out the new video and song details below:

"Recurring Dream with Halo's Glow" (Thebeau) Ⓒ Ⓟ Victory Over Gravity Music 2014 Recorded at Incidental Dog Studio, Affton, Missouri Mixed by Matt Meyer at IBC Shadows Music, Desoto, Missouri Video by Blip Blap! Video Featuring Alex Thebeau (and Murphy the Incidental Dog) Directed by Brian McClelland Production assistance by Mary Whiteside


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