8:30 p.m. Friday, September 26. The Bluebird, 2706 Olive Street


$8 over 21, $10 under 21. No phone.

A local Prisonshake live show occurs once in a blue moon, although these gigs aren't quite as rare as a full-length release from the band. Dirty Moons (a double album, no less) comes fifteen years after its last release, The Roaring Third. But Moons' execution is timeless, thanks to a kaleidoscopic pastiche of free jazz, surrealistic psychedelia, fuzzed-out stoner riffs, found-sound chatters and post-rock origami — and that's just for starters. "One of the more interesting aspects about our band is that there are these classic-rock elements,'s not genuflecting," says 'Shake cofounder/guitarist Robert Griffin. "We're not trying to be ZZ Top or Led Zeppelin or Bruce Springsteen or whatever, but all that stuff is there. But we also listen to punk rock, we also listen to the Contortions. And we've been there and seen lots of things happen, so we have no reverence for any of it."

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