Psst...It's Girl Talk!

Oh, sweet Lord, I just can't get enough of DJ/mad genius Girl Talk (not to be confused with early-'90s, gender-role-enforcing board game Girl Talk, which should be set ablaze along with Mystery Date and the Sweet Valley High ouevre. Ahem.) I wrote a brief paean to the Pittsburgh mixmaster's Night Ripper in December, and today laid ears upon "Knife (Girl Talk remix)."

The equation: The mesmerizing, reverb-y Grizzly Bear track "Knife" + the aggressive d-boy flow of Clipse's "Wamp Wamp (What It Do)" = awesome. Clipse's Hell Hath No Fury is one of the best rap releases of the past year; Grizzly Bear's Yellow House holds a similar distinction in indieland. But Girl Talk — a.k.a. Greg Gillis — doesn't go for the cheap gimmickry of, say, Linkin Park and Jay-Z's godawful collabs. "Knife (Girl Talk remix)" respects its raw material first and foremost — and then, through some sorta laptop alchemy, turns it into one of the most thrilling, propulsive tracks in recent memory.

Thanks to Annie Zaleski for the tip-off, and apologies in advance to my other co-workers, who might become annoyed when I blast this for the 94th time.

- Brooke Foster

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