Punks Petition to Kick Riff Raff and Kosha Dillz Off Warped Tour

Will Riff Raff be welcome on Warped Tour 2015? - Theo Welling
Theo Welling
Will Riff Raff be welcome on Warped Tour 2015?

Warped Tour has propped up emergent music acts, primarily in shades of punk, as well as fringe activism and outsider art all over the map since 1994. As America's largest traveling music festival enters its third decade, fans and critics alike have strong opinions as to what is or isn't "punk" about the festival.

This year's lineup includes previous Warped alumni like Neck Deep and Handguns, but two names aren't sitting right with a group of punks. Those names: Riff Raff and Kosha Dillz. Why? Because those are the names of two rappers.

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The punk fans are making their voices heard by starting a change.org petition to "Get Riff Raff and [sic] Kosher Dillz OFF the Vans Warped Tour line up."

The anonymous authors of the petition, using only the author name "Outcasts," take offense to rappers being a part of Warped in a passionate, but hastily written statement:

"Vans Warped Tour has been a place created for outcast kids to go see their favorite bands play, it is a place for kids who have been teased for liking those bands who are up on those stages. Having Riff Raff and Kosher Dillz on the line up would be inviting those people who put down rock music and the people who listen to it."

Later, it goes on to say, "You may think adding these rap artist to the line up is a good thing, but think of all the people who are going to be hurt by you adding these artist to the line up."

Silly as it may seem, the petition is picking up some steam. With 270 signatures as of press time, the punks are making their opinions heard in the comments as well.

Cassie Hill of Trust, Maine foretells, "Warped Tour was NOT made for all genre's. It was made for the weird kids who have been teased and booted out for liking bands and rock music. Adding rap music will ruin everything."


Ericka Fowler of Albany, Georgia fears, "if you let ghetto people in theyre gonna start shit with 'emo' kids."

Jasline Gonzalez of Boston, Massachusettes wonders aloud, "why would two different genres that hate eachother be put under the same roof?"

Airy Walker of Racine, Wisconsin adds, presumably at the top of her lungs, "IF THEY ADD RAP MORE RUDE PEOPLE WILL HATE THE BANDS ON THE LINE UP START PROBLEMS AND PICK FIGHTS!"

This is only a handful of the Warped-Rap-Truthers who know how absolutely catastrophic the addition of hip-hop to the Vans Warped Tour could possibly be.

Except for the fact, of course, that hip-hop has been a part of Warped Tour for almost the Tour's entire existence.

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