Quaere Verum To Release Ingress, Its Debut Prog-Metal Odyssey

Quaere Verum - Press Photo
Press Photo
Quaere Verum

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St. Louis quintet Quaere Verum shares common ground with Animal Collective and The Dillinger Escape Plan. OK, maybe there's a beard or two present in each band, but that's not it. The name Alan Douches might incite a giggle or two, but his work as audio engineer connects the aforementioned groups, and is responsible for many a favorite record. Quaere Verum takes an experimental approach to metal and its sub-genres, invoking a sound that begs for focus. Douches was called on to master Quaere Verum's upcoming album, Ingress.

"One thing that was important to me was that this album had dynamics, that it wasn't as loud as possible for the entire duration. I was afraid that in the hands of the wrong mastering engineer, all that would be squashed into a wall of loudness," says drummer and founding member Galen McGreehan.

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Ingress marks a milestone for Quaere Verum. Although the group released a three song demo nearly two years ago, the upcoming record will be Quaere Verum's first major release in any format. Grab the new album and catch Quaere Verum live Friday, September 27 at The Mad Magician (5625 Manchester Avenue).

Waiting to record takes focus and vision. For most bands who bear the "progressive" sound, concept albums are a common trend. With Ingress, Quaere Verum takes a looser approach to convey its message.

"We didn't write Ingress as a concept album, but as it came together in the studio, I started to see it as more of a cohesive piece. I tried to make it come across as a single piece rather than a collection of songs. If there is a common theme in our music, it is to question things and make up your own mind. Don't simply let the news you watch, the radio you hear or the websites you frequent make your opinions for you. Be critical," McGreehan says.

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