Quick Picks

Week of January 19, 2005

Jan 19, 2005 at 4:00 am
Back when Missouri was way cool (1865-1934), it was known as "the Mother of Bandits," thanks to the state's habit of spawning folks like Jesse James. It is to our ever-lasting discredit that this moniker did not end up on our license plates. But there's no use wallowing in the past: This week, the big MO is doing its best to look like "the Mother of Local Music." Which isn't as cool, but still. The Pageant and Ticketmaster are teaming up this weekend to deliver a pair of local showcases: Friday Night is the Loop Underground, featuring rockers like the Treez and Forty 'Til Five; Saturday night is the New Music Showcase with Dug Holes and Lost Parade, among others. Consider it a chance to bone up. From deeper in the state (Columbia, that is), Paradise Vending is coming to drop some pretty, folky, alt-country rock on the patrons of Frederick's Music Lounge on Saturday. It may not be Frank and Jesse and the gang, but it's a start.