Radiohead at the Scottrade Center: Selections From Thom Yorke's Banter

Radiohead at the Scottrade Center: Selections From Thom Yorke's Banter
Todd Owyoung

Radiohead, in its constant evolution, remains spectacular -- read our full review here. Those left confused by last year's groovy King of Limbs got answers last night at the Scottrade Center. The band casting one the largest shadows in music came in channeling Spicoli (albeit still precise and professional while playing), none of its members more so than Thom Yorke, who has literally let his hair grow long.

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His banter's always been a little abstract, but it has taken a turn: He's an imp four drinks in, unfazed by the 15,000-odd before him. Some key snippets:

His opening salvo, four songs in: "Ohh yissssss. Hullo there."

"It was my pleasure. It will be my pleasure. It is going to be my pleasure," after "The Amazing Sounds of Orgy."

Midway through "Karma Police," after botching the lyrics: "No one noticed, right?" The next line, "This is what you get/when you mess with us" he sang instead as "This is what you get/when you forget the words."

"This is a new song we're into. It's called Identikit. I have no idea what it means or what it's about or anything like that."

Before "Lotus Flower": "I'm trapped in this box in this box in this box." A reference to the video, perhaps?

Introducing "Reckoner": "This next one's kind of a love song, I guess. Sort of."

Setlist: Radiohead at the Scottrade Center

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