Raglani/Ghost Ice with the Coughs and Skarekrauradio

Wednesday, January 5; Radio Cherokee

Dec 29, 2004 at 4:00 am
The blank slate that is 2005 has been barely scratched by the feeble stylus of worldly indiscretion, and yet we already have an opportunity to hit the reset button. Man about town and sound provocateur Joe Raglani sets up shop with Ghost Ice at Radio Cherokee this evening, and the sounds he coaxes from the ether are sure to scramble synapses and re-ionize all the complex proteins in your system. This effectively and painlessly re-routes your internal wiring, making everything seem fresh and new again. Raglani's interest in "active listening" has manifested in ambient field recordings, harsh power electronics, internal sound mapping and about a half-dozen other strains of noise that warrant no name, as Raglani touches on them only briefly, then continues his journey toward the next undiscovered country. In his more beautiful moments, Raglani layers these elements together to craft towering spires of sound, translucent and harsh and sober by turns. Add to Raglani's wonder the transubstantiation-through-sound proselytizing of Skarekrauradio, and the wreckage of Chicago's the Coughs, and you have the beginnings of a brand-new 2005. Let's call it 2005.1-R.