Random Weblinks of the Day: QUOTSA in the Kitchen, Geezer Butler Speaks, Frances Bean's All Grown Up

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*Paul Friswold talks to Heaven & Hell/Black Sabbath member Geezer Butler, recounts selling him popcorn, back in the day. Quoth Paul:

"Many years ago, I worked in the same neighborhood that Geezer lived in, and he’d occasionally come into the shop for a quick snack. Always polite, always friendly, he put up with a ridiculous amount of stammering and awkward conversation as I and my co-workers tried to figure out a way to say “You fucking rule!” without sounding like total jackasses. We usually opted for the suave, “You fucking rule, Geezer!” Only once did he come in while we had a Black Sabbath album playing – it was The Mob Rules, the band’s second with vocalist Ronnie James Dio, and a personal favorite (I’ve been through two cassettes and one CD since that day). Geezer just smiled and made no mention of the strange coincidence." (12 Angry Fingers)

*Queens of the Stone Age will appear on celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain's holiday special. The press shot shows them wearing Grandma holiday sweaters. Who has cable? Quoth the blog on which I found this:

"Last week QOTSA played “Silver Bells” (renamed “Turkey Bells”) for a holiday-themed episode of No Reservations. “We just got a call saying, ‘Hey, we have a weird idea,’” frontman Josh Homme told us. “So when people come to us with that sort of a statement we are all ears.”

Here’s the plot: While Bourdain cooks a traditional holiday feast at his Connecticut home, the Queens are rocking tracks including “Sick, Sick, Sick,” “3’s & 7’s” and “Make It Wit Chu” at an ungodly volume in the basement rec room. When the band emerges, they’re sporting appalling Christmas sweaters. “QVC graciously sent us the worst sweaters of all time,” Homme explains. “I think someone Googled the word ‘horrible’ and that’s how we found them.” Bourdain, ever the arbiter of good taste, hasn’t recovered: “Those Christmas sweaters were just the most terrifying things I’ve ever seen in my life. Beyond Sandra Lee on some really awful hallucinogen.” (picture courtesy of MTV; text via Rolling Stone Daily Blog)

*Screw the haters; lil' Frances Bean Cobain's got some snazzy style. (Dlisted)

*We couldn't get an Animal Collective interview to preview their Monday show at the Gargoyle, but a Japanese newspaper did. (via Largeheartedboy)

-- Annie Zaleski

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