Recently Fired KDHX DJs to Host a Music Marathon at the Royale This Saturday

Can't stop, won't stop

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Jaime Lees
Bring your dancing shoes.

It was initially booked as just a regular DJ night for KDHX DJs Rich Reese and bobEE Sweet, but now their gig this Saturday at the Royale (3132 South Kingshighway Boulevard, is swiftly turning into an impromptu rally for the soul of KDHX.

The local public radio station has seen nothing but turmoil lately, with management recently telling 13 volunteer DJs to take a hike and then even more DJs followed them out the door in solidarity.

It’s been a hot mess, basically, but what do music-lovers do when the going gets tough? They turn up the volume and let the music speak for itself.

Rich Reese (formerly of the KDHX show “Pop! The Beat Bubble Burst”) and bobEE Sweet (formerly of the KDHX show "Uncontrollable Urge") have invited their other recently terminated (or on strike) comrades out to spin some wax with them this Saturday.

They’re calling the event "Un-silenced: KDH-eX DJ Spin," and so many former DJs have expressed interest in participating that they’ve had to move the start time of the event up from 8 p.m. all the way to noon. That’s right, this free event is now going to be a musical marathon running all day, all evening and all night.

This isn’t going to be a grumpy “screw KDHX” party, though. The vibe will be more like a celebration of the resilient spirit that makes the St. Louis music scene such a vibrant, unstoppable force.

Reese and Sweet will be announcing a finalized lineup of talent on their Facebook event page tomorrow (Thursday), so keep an eye out there for more details.

Here's the tentative schedule:

12-12:30pm Carlos - Latin Hemispheres
12:30-1pm Wil Wander - Elevated Rhymestate
1-2 Andy Coco - Rhythm Section
2-3 Ace - Sonic Space
3-3:45 Rob Levy - Juxtaposition
3:45-4:30 Allen Dahm-Bittersweet Melody
4:30-5:15 Micheal Kuelker -Positive Vibrations
5:15-6 Art Dwyer -Blues In The Night
6-7 Caron House - Wax Lyrical
7-8 Mark Sunnyboy Mason - Howzit Bayou
8-9 Jeff Hess & Al Swacker - Afternoon Delight & The Greasers Lunchbox
9-10 Rich Reese & bobEE Sweet- Pop! The Beat Bubble Burst & Uncontrollable Urge
10-10:45 Ital-K and Professor Skank - Ital-Rhythms & Positive Vibrations
10:45-12 John Wendland & Roy Kasten - Memphis To Manchester & Feel Like Going Home
12-1am bobEE Sweet & Rich Reese close out

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