Record Monsters! Yet Another Way to Repurpose Your 45s

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Vinyl LPs have proven themselves a durable medium. They've stood the test of time and have re-emerged in the digital age as a concrete audiophile alternative to the mp3.

Sometime between the birth of the CD and the vinyl resurgence, folks started getting crafty with their records. I've seen clocks, purses, earrings, coasters and journals made of repurposed LPs, not to mention the ever popular shrinky-dink record bowls.

Andrew Hyde and Matthew Wettergreen discovered that records could be sliced up pretty easily, with the right equipment. They played around with a laser cutter and a stack of 45s and began creating elaborate 3D puzzles.

The 45 is essentially perforated, and the pieces pop out. So, even though most of the work is already done, you get the experience of turning a record into a piece of art with your bare hands.

Hyde put the project on Kickstarter, and it quickly received enough backers for funding.

The monsters aren't quite as DIY friendly as shrinky-dink bowls (unless you happen to have a laser cutter at home and happen to be a lot more coordinated than this blogger), but should be available for purchase soon.

*Hyde's Kickstarter video

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