Record Store Day 2011: Hot Sellers, Highlights from St. Louis

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As we have already mentioned, Record Store Day 2011 was a massive success, with a couple local stores suggesting it may have been their biggest sales day ever. Most places did plenty to give back to their rabid patrons, offering free food, beer, live music and local celebrity DJ sets throughout the day (and, in the case of Euclid Records, the weekend). Below, check out a few of the top sellers and some days highlights from the friendly proprietors of the three largest record stores in town.

Apop Records

Quickest Sellers: 13th Floor Elevators Wait for My Love 7" Daft Punk Tron 10" Picture Disc Fela Kuti 7"

"I thought that it was going to be pretty big beforehand. Weeks ahead, I noticed a lot more bands and labels were doing things targeted for Record Store Day," says Tiffany Minx. "I think the whole young people getting into records thing is reaching a climax. We sold twice as much stuff as last year.

Probably the highlight of the day was when Shaved Women played. It was just retarded. The whole day was just a total blur. I think everyone had a really great time."

Vintage Vinyl

Quickest Sellers: Foo Fighters Medium Rare Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues Beach Boys "Good Vibrations"/"Heroes and Villains" 78RPM vinyl single Syd Barrett An Introduction To Syd Barrett

"We got way more stuff than last year and we have way less stuff left. Easily the busiest day in the last ten years," says Matt Harnish. "Everybody had different ideas of what the hot release was."

Harnish notes that the Starbucks employee working on Saturday told him people were already waiting in line at 5:30 a.m.

Euclid Records

Quickest Sellers: Big Star Third Test Pressing Edition Beach Boys "Good Vibrations"/"Heroes and Villains" 78RPM vinyl single Foo Fighters Medium Rare Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues Green Day/Husker Du Split 7"

"It was our biggest day ever," says Neil Landow. "Everything did great. All we have left is odds and ends."

Of the store's continued celebration of the holiday into Sunday, Landow say, "Obviously it wasn't anything like the first day, mostly because things were gone." Still, he adds, "It was three times the business as a normal Sunday."

And some final, vitally important parting words from Neil Landow: "Don't forget us the other 364 days of the year. We're here for you."

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