RFT 2006 Music Showcase

Bigger, better, and more dang fun than ever

Sep 6, 2006 at 4:00 am
As I said in a recent column, I'm as nervous and proud as a mother hen about this year's showcase. Even though I've been in St. Louis for well over a year now, it's my first time in town for one of these shindigs, and I'm not quite sure what to expect beyond a few certainties: an exhausting, long day; too many performances to catch comfortably; and fun.

That last one, in fact, just might be the most important element of the awards this year. In some respects, it's been a transitional and frustrating few months for musicians here, with venues shutting and changing owners or locations left and right. It's been easy to forget that concerts are inspiring and fun — whether they incite happiness or melancholy. Music personally brings me great joy; it's why I write about it for a living, despite all of the accompanying frustrations.

But as the artists and bands playing the showcase this year demonstrate, talent perseveres — and flourishes — even under adverse conditions. This year's nominees (culled from a poll of area writers, club personnel, record-store denizens and others) spotlight the hard-working musicians who care about St. Louis and the scene.

Some have played out for years (Scotty Mac, Trip Daddys, Bennie Smith, Bob Reuter, Kim Massie); others are upstarts who have made some serious noise in the past year or so (Berlin Whale, Casey Reid, the Vultures, Rats and People, the Bureau). And there are also those artists earning attention nationwide (Femme Fatality, Adrian Fox, Lapush, 7 Shot Screamers, Caleb Engstrom).

I'm also honored that three fantastic national acts will be joining us in the daylong celebration: the Minus 5, Grant-Lee Phillips and Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche. All three of those acts have played gigs together at one point or another, so the atmosphere they set will surely be one of camaraderie and celebration. And heck, right on deadline we found out that another national act with local ties — funky disco-dancing fools Men, Women and Children, featuring Lou native Nick Conceller on keyboards — are also jumping onto the showcase; they play at 6:30 p.m. on the main stage. See our MySpace page, myspace.com/rftmusicawards2006, for more info.

St. Louis often has an inferiority complex when it comes to other cities and scenes, an attitude I've often thought was unfounded and unfair. I'm proud of and excited for the bands that are representing St. Louis this weekend, and I hope you are too. Enjoy! — Annie Zaleski

Purchase your $10 wristband — which gains you entrance to all shows, on all stages, all day — in advance at any participating venue or from Ticketmaster. Wristbands will also be available at the main outdoor stage on the day of the showcase.

Showcase Schedule

Leland Avenue and Delmar Boulevard

1:00 Magnolia Summer
1:40 The Love Experts
2:45 Glenn Kotche of Wilco
3:45 Grant-Lee Phillips
5:00 The Minus 5


Noon The Pubes
1:30 The Vultures
3:00 So Many Dynamos
4:30 That's My Daughter
6:00 Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship
7:30 The Schwag

6504 Delmar Boulevard, 314-727-4444

6:00 Caleb Engstrom
7:00 Grant Essig
8:00 Lapush
9:00 Jonathan Cour
10:00 Red Eyed Driver


7:00 Trackstar
8:00 Big Will/Da SLU Cru
9:00 Earthworms
10:00 Spaide R.I.P.P.E.R.
11:00 Ruka Puff

6691 Delmar Boulevard, 314-862-0009

6:00 Bad Folk
7:00 Casey Reid
8:00 Skarekrau Radio
9:00 The Bureau
10:00 Madahoochi

6235 Delmar Boulevard, 314-725-6565

7:00 Dubtronix
8:00 Dogtown Allstars
9:00 James Will and the Engines of Creation
10:00 Ghost in Light
11:00 Sex Robots
12:00 Bunnygrunt

6161 Delmar Boulevard, 314-726-1414

6:00 Harkonin
7:00 Est. 1974
8:00 Corbeta Corbata
9:00 Johnny O and the Jerks
10:00 The Gentleman Callers
11:00 The Trip Daddys
12:00 7 Shot Screamers

6191 Delmar Boulevard, 314-727-5555

8:00 Mike Gow
9:00 Kid Delicious
10:00 DJ Crucial
11:00 Needles

6307 Delmar Boulevard, 314-725-6985

6:00 Joe Stickley
7:00 Bob Reuter & Thee Dirty South
8:00 Berlin Whale
9:00 Rats and People
10:00 Tight Pants Syndrome
11:00 Dirty 30's

609 Eastgate Avenue, 314-721-9168

6:00 Soulard Blues Band
7:00 Kim Massie
8:00 LaMar Harris
9:00 Bennie Smith
10:00 Erin Bode

Schedule subject to change.