Rockwell Knuckles Releases His New Album Today

Mar 28, 2011 at 10:14 am

It's always great to wake up on a Monday morning, check Twitter and see that an album you've been anticipating has been unexpectedly released. Today that honor goes to Force member Rockwell Knuckles, who unleashed You're F*ckin Out, I'm F*ckin In via the Smoking Section. Rocky's follow-up to Choose Your Own Adventure contains a few familiar tunes -- the bananas "Silly Human," for one -- and plenty of familiar collaborators, including Tef Poe, Vandalyzm, Trifeckta and Theresa Payne. In is a creative leap forward, however: The sci-fi production -- everything from jagged rock to electro-funk -- lets Rocky recontextualize and reinvent his tongue-twisting rhymes. Download it for free at the Smoking Section or stream it below.