Russell Simmons Says Miley Cyrus Will Join #BlackLivesMatter Movement, Internet Confused

Miley Cyrus: the hero the world needs. - Bryan Sutter
Bryan Sutter
Miley Cyrus: the hero the world needs.

Hearts are heavy around the country right now, with protests happening in many cities in honor of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and other black men who have been killed by police. Plenty of musicians -- from Nelly to MC Hammer, from Tom Morello to Nickelback -- have spoken out through song and action against injustice, but more voices are needed.

Perhaps it's time for Miley Cyrus to step in.

LOLZ, no, we don't think so. But apparently Russell Simmons does. According to St. Louis American managing editor Chris King, the Def Jam cofounder claims that Hannah Montana will enter the #BlackLivesMatter fold:

We haven't yet been able to locate a video or transcript of Simmons' complete interview that mentions Cyrus (link, anyone?), but King's no liar (and Simmons made similar remarks in this interview with Complex as well), so we're going on faith here. CNN definitely interviewed Simmons on December 8 about what the lack of indictments for the officers in recent cases means in the coming days.

Russell Simmons during his CNN interview earlier this week. - Screenshot from the CNN interview discussed below.
Screenshot from the CNN interview discussed below.
Russell Simmons during his CNN interview earlier this week.

"America has not seen protests like those that are coming if justice doesn't start to come down," Simmons said in his interview. "We have not begun to engage the young leaders who are waiting to go to work."

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And one of those young leaders apparently may be Cyrus, queen of the naughty tongue and usurper of hip-hop culture. Admittedly, if Cyrus contributes to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, it likely would be a positive thing; after all, more voices -- and louder ones, at that -- tend to amplify a message. But those voices needn't come from the white and wealthy when the young black leaders pushing the message are already doing a fine job. And remember: Miley's track record kind of sucks when it comes to humanitarian causes.

We're not the only ones who are skeptical about Cyrus' involvement. After King tweeted about Simmons and Cyrus, Twitter reacted beautifully, flooding King with gifs and memes that threw shade on Disney's former princess. Below, check out some of our favorites.

Bey has never been so disgusted:

Things got even better when King revealed a plot twist!

On page two, Kermit the Frog joins the anti-Miley cause.

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